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PNI’s SENtral M&M motion and measurement modules provide accurate heading and orientation data in a small, low power-consumption, and easy-to-integrate package. A module incorporates the SENtral motion coprocessor, a magnetometer, an accelerometer, a gyroscope, and an optional barometric pressure sensor with different SENtral M&M versions comprising different sensor models.

Unlike other inertial measurement units (IMUs) requiring extensive sensor fusion algorithm development and sensor calibration work, the Sentral M&M modules are pre-engineered to provide high accuracy motion tracking, heading, environmental data. And this is obtained at a fraction of the power used by any other solution on the market.

The SENtral M&M comes ready to integrate into a user’s systemThe on-board EEPROM contains SENtral’s configuration file and this automatically uploads into SENtral RAM when powered up.

With the SENtral M&M modules you can quickly and easily incorporate industryleading motion-tracking and orientation measurement in your mobile device. We’re sure you’ll be impressed.