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GPS Repeaters

Tri-M GPS repeaters are easily installed, no-maintenance plug-and-play systems that bring a live GPS signal inside your building.  A weather proof antenna is mounted on the outside, usually the roof, of a building in direct view of the sky, and the signals from the external antenna are amplified and radiated indoors by a re-radiating antenna.  GPS equipment up to 30 meters (100 feet) away can easily lock onto the re-radiated signal and be ready when needed. 

For Emergency Responders

GPS repeaters prevent satellite acquisition delay when a receiver leaves the building, saving seconds, minutes, and lives.

For Manufacturers

of GPS enabled equipment, the Xtreme-Radiator or Super-Radiator allows for testing of embedded receivers without having to leave the lab and go outside to get a GPS signal, increasing efficiency and reducing cost

Aircraft Hangars

All aircraft navigation systems must be tested regularly.  Where GPS is used it too must be calibrated to ensure full functionality.  When a plane is in a hangar, it does not have a clear view of the sky, and therefor cannot pick up GPS signals.  A GPS repeating system solves this problem and allows the GPS signal to be received inside the hangar rather than having to move the aircraft outside for a view of the sky.


Xtreme-Radiator and Super-Radiator, as well as the Xtreme-Radiator-Dual and Super-Radiator-Dual combo repeaters, are ready-made kits, consisting of an active outdoor GPS antenna (GPS & GLONASS for dual models), typically mounted on the roof of a building to pick up signals (using included mount), a repeater unit to re-radiate the GPS signal indoors, and a 40 meter coaxial cable that connects the two. 
For large areas requiring more than one repeater, or if more than 40 meters of cable is needed, Tri-M can also provide a custom solution.
The reliability, high-gain, low-cost, and easy installation of Tri-M's GPS repeaters have made them industry favorites for almost 20 years.