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  • PNI TRAX AHRS Module

PNI TRAX Evaluation Kit with RS232 Cable [CLEARANCE]

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Product Description

Trax Eval Kit-RS232 includes TRAX module, pigtail cable, and 6' RS232 eval cable

Unmanned vehicles are performing progressively more complex tasks – and requiring increasingly robust and accurate heading and orientation information. But existing attitude and heading reference modules (AHRS) leave too much room for error. They lose heading when encountering magnetic distortion; they suffer from errors when experiencing erratic motion; and often don’t provide accurate heading, even in a static environment. And at more than $2,000 for a MEMS-based AHRS, it’s no wonder AHRS have only been integrated by a select few customers.

The TRAX AHRS module provides unparalleled heading accuracy when static, while moving and when encountering magnetic distortion. Trax employs a patented Kalman filtering algorithm that intelligently fuses PNI's patented geomagnetic sensors with gyroscopes and accelerometers to overcome errors due to erratic motion and changes in the local magnetic field. And Trax is priced for commercial use, delivering more reliable heading than AHRS modules that cost twice as much.

What's Different?
The TRAX combines extremely high performance magnetometers with filtering expertise based on PNI's years of design and production experience with magnetic field sensors and motion tracking systems. This enables TRAX to recognize when a transient magnetic distortion is present, compensate for this distortion, and continue to provide accurate heading outputs. Unlike standard AHRS's that can be thrown off kilter for exasperatingly long periods of time and by up to 35 degrees , TRAX has a heading accuracy of +/-2 degrees , even while moving and/or encountering magnetic materials. TRAX delivers dynamic heading accuracy, even in magnetically-compromised environments, enabling robots and unmanned vehicles to perform complex tasks in the face of moving objects, inside buildings, and across landscapes of metal detritus and unknown matter.

TRAX Customer Applications
TRAX modules are suited for use in a variety of applications including underwater vehicles, ground robots, handheld surveying and targeting systems and in any environment where uncertain terrain or magnetic materials are found. For example, TRAX enables ROVs to maintain an accurate heading even near pipelines, hulls and oil rigs that can cause significant heading errors in standard AHRS modules. TRAX is also being used in Homeland security projects, several commercial applications, and University projects.


File Type
FieldForce Trax AHRS Data Sheet Datasheet
FieldForce TRAX Studio r1.0.2 Software
TRAX_User_Manual_r08.pdf User Manual

Product Videos

PNI Sensor Corporation's Trax AHRS demo video 01:31

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